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The removable Free Access C-Ring.

Every morning, you can choose how many products to display.

Riding the wave of global success of its Free Access C-Ring, a presentation system for wristwatches with no protective glass, Dietlin provides an extra touch of flexibility.
The removable Free Access C-Ring.
While ensuring the products remain fully secured, each pin can be removed entirely by means of an RFID badge. This changes nothing for visitor, except giving them the surprise of seeing different products displayed every day.

You can go from 1 to 10 products in just a few seconds.
Every morning, the boutique can change its product presentation from A to Z depending on the new creations, the products available, the decor and the frequency with which the cases are renewed.

The removable Free Access C-Ring.

The Patented Free Access C-Ring: 

The Free Access C-Ring is a patented product used by hundreds of boutiques around the world.
It makes it possible to display wristwatches without the need for protective glass, calling on an ingenious closing system that protects the product clasp.
The products themselves can be attached at the bottom, the top or the rear, as with most C-rings currently on the market.

The removable Free Access C-Ring.

Several alarm systems ensure that the timepieces presented to the public are monitored at all times.
In this configuration, the most commonly used system is the seismic detector, which reacts whenever the watch, tray or cabinet begin to shake. It’s impossible not to be warned.

The removable Free Access C-Ring.

The Patented removable Free Access C-Ring.

How does it work?
An initial swipe with an RFID badge neutralizes the alarm. You now have access to the products.
Using a multi-pin key key, you can release the products by unlocking them on the side. In just a few seconds, the watch is on the customer’s wrist.

Swiping the RFID badge a second time releases the entire watch stand together with its pin.
Now nothing is visible. The stand has disappeared.

Swiss Made.

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