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Sismic: The tailor-made alarm by vibration (accelerometer).

Compatible with all Free Access systems from Dietlin, necklaces, rings, bracelets, clocks or watches are kept safe and under alarm thanks to constant seismic monitoring. At the slightest tremor, an alarm sounds and the security officer is alerted.

The acceptable vibration threshold can be adjusted using a potentiometer. With this option, you can either allow customers to touch the products or prevent any physical contact.

Xavier Dietlin: « Everyone talks about experiences... You don’t go to a boutique for a digital experience. Digital technology can be accessed from home. In a boutique, the ultimate experience remains the physical contact with the product. Our systems foster this as simply and directly as possible. Our seismic alarm system goes in this direction. »

Sismic: The tailor-made alarm by vibration (accelerometer).

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