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The Watches TV: How to Showcase a Timepiece with Xavier Dietlin.

By Marc André Deschoux

Today we have the pleasure to present to you yet another facet of watchmaking, as we had the opportunity of visiting our good friend Xavier Dietlin, whose company has revolutionised the way we present timepieces through stands and store windows.

The company dates from the 19th century and has forever been family owned, but since 15 years, the creativity of this company has amazed clients from all around the world.

Everything started from a demand from the one and unique Mr Biver who wanted a special showcase without glasses while protecting the product. Dietlin finally came out whit what you are going to discover in this video and so much more that you have probably experienced yourself in a boutique near by you!

Enjoy & Viva Watchmaking

The Watches TV: How to Showcase a Timepiece with Xavier Dietlin by Marc André Deschoux

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