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Security C-ring: a small revolution in the world of watchmaking!

The very finest watches can now be showcased in the open air and in total security thanks to the new, patented SCR (Security C-ring) stand.

We have become so accustomed to seeing valuable objects safely locked away in display cabinets that, ultimately, we no longer see them. Conventional display cabinets have become glass prisons and this is not in keeping with the era we live in. Moving forward, we must break the glass and give products their freedom.

Nobody would dream of exhibiting great works of art under a glass dome! Every museum around the world presents unique works of art worth millions within reach of the visitors. Why should things be any different for watchmaking masterpieces?

The SCR system consists of a plug-in, rigid foam cushion with a double security mechanism. The watch is placed around the support as if it were being worn and, once inserted into its base, it is secured by means of a double hook-fastener mechanism. The watch’s bracelet opening (folding clasp or pin buckle) is then inaccessible.

Sensors indicate in real time if the system is secure or if the product is being touched and transmit this information to a mobile phone or by means of an alarm or warning light. Exhibitors are constantly in contact with their products. The product can be released by means of an RFID signal or a key and can be slipped onto a customer’s wrist in less than 10 seconds.

Several major players in the world of watchmaking already use this system in motorized display cabinets (raptor, fusion, magic box) and it was used on a large scale for the first time to present the watches selected by the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).

For the very first time, the GPHG presented 72 watches, with a total cost of some several million francs, freely accessible to the public. Visitors to the Palazzo Clerici in Milan and the Museum of Art and History in Geneva have welcomed this new means of presentation as an innovation.

This system works for 95% of watchmaking products.

Security C-ring: a small revolution in the world of watchmaking!

Security C-ring: a small revolution in the world of watchmaking!Security C-ring: a small revolution in the world of watchmaking!

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