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Watchmaking Manufacture Hublot brings connectivity to its display cases with the launch of a new "Connected Frame" concept during the Geneva Days.

Hublot continues to innovate by making its display cases interactive and connected, at a time when the term "digital transformation" is on everyone's lips. "Connected Frame": where product display meets digital technology. Hublot created a buzz back in 2015 with the launch of its Raptor2 watch display case without glass. The new Connected Frame display case goes one step further by offering customers the opportunity to interact with the watches: when they slide their arm under the display case, a holographic image of their wrist – wearing a Hublot watch – appears as if by magic.

Watchmaking Manufacture Hublot brings connectivity to its display cases with the launch of a new

This smart display case adds a futuristic dimension to the customer experience and also offers a range of features, including the option to check the models available in the nearest boutique and make an appointment there. To develop this new and exclusive innovation, Hublot teamed up with two pioneers in their field: Firstly, Dietlin Artisans, the trusted partner which designed the Raptor display case without glass for Hublot and, secondly, blue-infinity, the Geneva-based company specialising in digital services, which is one of Hublot's long-standing partners. The mechanism developed for the Connected Frame display case uses a movement sensor located in its base; this faithfully retransmits all the user's movements, in real time, reproducing a 3D holographic image of their wrist, wearing the model of their choice. Using a touch screen, the watch can be changed dynamically. The connected display case can also perform a real-time stock check to find out if the chosen model is available in a Hublot boutique; it can also make an appointment with an advisor directly, add the timepiece to the customer's wish list, and it even offers the option of sending photos by e-mail. These are just some of the features available from the wide range of applications offered by this new smart and interactive display case concept.

Watchmaking Manufacture Hublot brings connectivity to its display cases with the launch of a new

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot said: "Hublot's philosophy is to be first, different and unique. We want to give our customers experiences which stand apart from those offered by our competitors. We have already successfully done this with the Raptor1 and Raptor2, and I am sure that the Connected Frame display case will offer our customers another exciting opportunity to interact with our brand."

Xavier Dietlin, CEO of Dietlin Artisans said: "Hublot is a company with a firm focus on the future and on the younger generation. Right now, display cases must deliver connectivity, interaction and customer experience, and combining the product itself with digital technology is a great way to achieve this. It also offers a smart solution to the issues of stock and security."

Pierre Aebischer, Managing Partner at blue-infinity said: "It is worth highlighting that, in the highly competitive luxury goods market, Hublot has cleverly set itself apart from its competitors by using digital technology to offer customers an enhanced brand experience, which is integrated and customised at each point of contact. It is a pleasure for us at blue-infinity to work with a company like Hublot which is so open to innovation."

Virtually trying on different Hublot models, checking the Hublot catalogue, choosing materials, and more… gone are the days when customers were content to simply look at watches, now they can actually interact with Hublot and create a direct connection with the brand. For the first time, customers can try on luxury watches with the greatest of ease. This new mobile display case will be launched worldwide at the Geneva Days (Grand Hôtel Kempinski, Geneva); it will then be on display as a demonstration piece for several months in the entrance hall of the Hublot Manufacture, to offer its visitors a taste of the delights which await them. It will then be used at several Hublot events around the world.

Watchmaking Manufacture Hublot brings connectivity to its display cases with the launch of a new

About Dietlin Artisans: Dietlin Artisans Métalliers is a family company, based in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, which develops and produces highly innovative display cases for the watchmaking sector.

About blue-infinity Based in Geneva, blue-infinity employs over 600 experts in a range of disciplines with all the creative and technical expertise required to design, create and deliver effective and innovate digital initiatives.

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