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R&D | Plug & Play Reprogramming Card

The greatest revolution to come for our showcases will be an invisible one: a plug & play reprogramming card.

Dietlin - Inventor and manufacturer of unique showcases

So, just how will that work ?

Our displays cases run programs making it feasible to synchronise motors, videos, liquid crystal glass, lighting, beamers, movement sensors, etc...

Once our showcases are dispached to the four corners of the world and have been in use for a few months or years, the problem of updating their programming arises.

How can the showcase be easily reprogrammed to give it the necessary facelift ?
Dietlin - Inventor and manufacturer of unique showcases

Well, simply inserting a smart card enables the showcase to boot up the new program in the twinkling of an eye, refreshing it and making it ready for its next round of adventures ...

This system, compatible for all displays and showcases made since 2005, will automatically be provided for all 2013 new showcases.

PS : The smart cards make it feasible to boot up a new program as well as factor in new configuration parameters (distance or proximity sensor ; stength of LED lights etc...) 

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