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The GhostPaper

Ghost paper is an innovative product in the form of a flexible sheet 0,25mm thick. I can be bent, folded and cut. It can be used in very large (200cmx200cm) or very small (2cmx2cm) formats.

The GhostpaperIt can be blacked out completely (99%) or be 97% transparent.

An image can be projected onto it when it is opaque or when it is transparent, offering the possibility of some interesting superimposed visuals.

Similar products to this exist in the building industry, but none have equivalent performance in terms of either transparency or opaqueness, or such outstanding flexibility whilst retaining light when used with projection.

Without doubt, it is a product that will open up new fields of application for display and exhibition purposes.

One of this product's unbelievable advantages is that, even in its largest formats, it can be used without mains electricity (just on a 1.5V battery).

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