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R&D | Temperature Control Technology (TCT)

How can the temperature inside showcases be controlled depending on when, where and how they are being used (air conditioning; direct sun; extreme cold; lighting; motorisation) ?

Dietlin - Inventor and manufacturer of unique showcases

An electronic ventilation system is linked directly via sensor to the lighting set-up and the exhibition space.

Every 10 seconds, the temperature is analysed by two sensors. Based on the data, fresh air is pumped into the lighting system and the exhibition space to ensure the ambient temperature is kept constant.

Constant temperature (with no significant variations) is necessary to extend the lifetimes of LEDs, items on display and materials used for decoration.

Dietlin - Inventor and manufacturer of unique showcases

The operating noise level of the fans is practically inaudible: 8dB
Minimum volume of air: 19m3/hour
Maximum volume of air: 45m3/hour