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Dietlin Swiss Showcases

Break the ice! The only thing free access displays changed, is everything!

“The younger generation feels no connection with present-day boutiques. They want to have the freedom to discover things for themselves. Boutiques will become places of discovery and our free access system is an essential step in that direction.”
Xavier Dietlin

Following a serious injury that brought his footballing career to an end (3 official selections with the Swiss national team under Roy Hodgson), Xavier Dietlin joined the family business in the metal construction industry. In just 10 years, he had shifted the company’s focus towards display cases, with a strong emphasis on innovation.

The company made its key breakthrough in 2005 on behalf of Hublot, with the Raptor display case with no glass that is nevertheless secure: through the use of sensors, the object on show is retracted into the base of the case in only a few tenths of a second as soon as a foreign body comes near. The watchmaking industry began to entrust him with a number of hugely complex projects around the world, closely followed by jewelers, prestigious museums (MoMA) and multinationals including Mercedes Benz, Huawei and Philip Morris.

Today, the company is renowned the world over for inventing and producing the most innovative, cutting-edge display cases. (Excerpt from PME Magazine)

Overview of the innovative showcases 2017 from Dietlin.

Overview of the innovative showcases 2016 from Dietlin.

Overview of the innovative showcases 2015 from Dietlin.

Overview of the innovative showcases 2014 from Dietlin.